Whole Foods Market, Sarasota, Florida

The Whole Foods LEED display, is part of a comprehensive, green building education program. This Whole Foods Market in Sarasota, Florida is one of the first LEED rated grocery stores in the U.S. The display is part of the LEED submission for one education point under the "Innovation and Design Process" category. A Case Study report will also accompany the LEED display as part of the Education program.

The display describes each of the LEED categories and how they have been introduced in the building. Topics discussed include an 8,000 gallon underground storage tank as part of a strategy to reduce the use of potable water by seventy percent. In addition, this building is projected to achieve a twenty-five percent reduction in energy usage through efficient refrigeration, HVAC and lighting equipment. The building also incorporates a 'cool roof' that reflects sunlight and reduces cooling requirements by an average of twenty percent.

The Whole Foods LEED display, located on a wall near the entrance, is made from sustainable materials including agricultural biocomposites and FSC certified wood.

Additional Photos of the Whole Foods LEED Project

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