San Francisco Green Building Materials - San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Green Building Materials display, located in the lobby of the San Francisco Department of the Environment's EcoCenter, allows visitors access to green building samples and information about the city's green building program. The display has samples of sustainable building materials as well as information about green building concepts.

Similar to Marin County's Green Building Materials display, San Francisco's display is constructed from sustainable materials including agricultural biocomposites from sunflower and wheat, recycled particleboard, recycled glass countertop and bamboo veneer. It features twenty-five material samples and information about concepts such as passive solar design, indoor air pollution, water conservation, etc. The materials categories include paneling, roofing, insulation, decking, countertops, flooring, foundations and energy production. In Addition, The Green Spec directory is available for researching green materials and vendors.

Additional Photos of Green Building Materials Display

Architecture Week article: "Explaining Green Materials."

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